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At Studio SE7EN our mission is to help you educate your community and your patients about the value of hearing healthcare, and to capture more leads for your business!

We offer a full suite of Graphic Design services with over 30 years of experience in creative design, transforming brands, and marketing fulfillment.

As a hearing healthcare patient and advocate, I understand first-hand what it means to suffer with hearing loss and tinnitus. The frustration and isolation that have impacted my family and I are real, and I believe we all play a role in educating the 42+ million people living with chronic untreated hearing loss. Receiving treatment for my condition has allowed me to enjoy family, life and work again. And I chose to focus all my efforts on working with those who share the same passion for helping others reduce unnecessary suffering.

Our services are proven to generate significant ROI for hearing practices both big and small, rural and urban, regardless of local economics. We work closely with you and your team to understand your why, your passion, and turn that into a trusted brand that resonates in your community.

Client Testimonials

  • Steve, and his company Studio Se7en, have been by my side since 2010 as I’ve grown and scaled businesses throughout the country while becoming a top-rated business coach. His ability to turn my transformative ideas, systems, and content into patient/client/donor educational marketing articles, ads, direct mail, magazines, books, and branding have allowed me to earn recognition from Inc. 500, the audiology profession, and buoyed my audiology team to American’s Highest Rated Clinics. If you need someone to create you the tools that I coach you to use and deploy, look no further than Steve at Studio Se7en.
    Jared Brader, MBA
Hearing And Brain Centers
    AuDExperts, Founder
  • I have worked with Steve for the last 4 years and he has been amazing in his work and turn-around time. He is willing to listen to my edits and he brings closure to my ideas and we have seen a great ROI in our projects. I enjoy our monthly phone calls and he brings great positive thoughts to our creative process. I give Steve 5 stars and don’t hesitant to reach out.
    Dr. Laura Vinopal, AuD
Audiologist, Owner
    Professional Hearing Care
  • If you are looking for somebody to take the ideas in your head, the message you want to convey in your marketing, and make it a reality... look no further! I have been working with Steve at Studio Se7en for over 8 years and after all this time, I’m still awe-struck at how he can take a brand and transform it into something that is recognizable by everybody in your community. Steve and Studio Se7en is your one stop shot to build marketing assets that represent you, your culture, your values and your client’s best interest.
    Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD, CCC-A
    Harvard & MIT Trained Neuroscientist
  • Steve's expertise as an innovative designer has significantly elevated my hearing practice over the past two years. His remarkable talent for creating visually modern educational materials and marketing assets tailored to the unique needs of my patients and my practices vision has been truly remarkable. With a deep understanding of the hearing care industry, honed through his tenure with leading clinics, Steve brings a level of knowledge and proficiency that is unmatched. His designs not only captivate but also effectively communicate our message, making them invaluable tools for patient education and practice promotion. Steve's quick turnaround time and dedication to excellence make him an indispensable partner for any practice looking to enhance its marketing efforts. If you're in need of top-tier marketing design services, Steve is undoubtedly the go-to professional. Highly recommended!
    Nashlea Brogan, Au.D
    Owner Bluewater Hearing & Balance | TEDx Speaker & Advocate for Proactive
  • I have been using Steve at Studio Se7en for my graphic design and creative needs for the past few years. His ability to transform my brand and generate leads through his proven design collateral has been amazing. Steve’s marketing campaigns and creative ideas have been successful at increasing my business and ROI. His focus on Audiology and hearing healthcare allows him to develop marketing materials that strategically educates patients. If you want better results with proven marketing tools, contact Steve at Studio Se7en.
    Christopher M. Sumer, HIS
    Coastal Audiology, Owner
  • I have had a great experience working with Studio Se7en for my practice’s graphic design needs for around 5 months. Steve is quick to respond to my requests and feedback, and he always delivers high-quality work on time. I enjoy working with Steve on projects both large and small, and I can always count on him to create effective and impactful pieces. He has a wealth of knowledge and an extensive catalog of tried-and-true pieces to use as a starting point for any project. I highly recommend Studio Se7en to any business owner who is looking to take their print and digital content to the next level!
    Eric J. Elliot
    Managing Director
A&E Audiology

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